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tom-cabinetmaker-group-leader-At Wright Architectural Millwork since 1985

“Since I started working here, I’ve worn five different hats: cabinetmaker, then plant manager, purchasing agent, plant manager again, and now I’m working as a cabinetmaker. When I’ve needed a change, like when I stepped down as plant manager the second time, Mike listened and said ‘What can we do to help you succeed?’ and made sure the move didn’t hurt me financially. Mike and Walt are dedicated to the employees who work for them, and we know they would fight tooth and nail for this company, which makes us feel pretty secure in our positions.”

“They’ve done some very decent things for me. Last year or the year before, we were pretty slow for a period of time, and instead of shutting down the plant without pay, they’d send us home for a day or two at full pay. Why would a company do that if they didn’t care about their employees? That’s something you don’t forget.”

“Since I work here, I can use any of the equipment in the factory after hours, and we’ve been able to buy materials at cost that have really helped in that project.”

“They strive to have a quality company, as well as quality products coming out. We’re certified to do Premium Level jobs, but even when we’re working on a lesser-grade project, we almost always expect nothing less than perfection. It’s a difficult company to work for because they expect a lot from everybody, but they get a lot from everybody. After twenty years, I still strive for 100% every day.”

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