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stan-cad-manager-At Wright Architectural Millwork since 1993

“You’re probably going to laugh, but I’m telling you that this place is really like a second family. Mike and Walt are not here just to make money. They look after the employees and their future because they want them to stay. They know they’re the ones who are making everything happen.”

“They have a real commitment to technology here, and it’s nice to see that, since I’ve worked at other places that are afraid to spend the money on technology and training. We have two CNC machines, computer controlled router and drilling machines. Each one can be programmed through a workstation at the machine, or the engineers can use the CAD program to output designs directly to the computer-controlled machine. I’ve been down south to North Carolina twice now to visit Delmac, the distributor, for training on these systems.”

“Any problem I’ve had that affects my job—even if it’s not necessarily work-related, but generally that’s what I go to Mike and Walt about—I’ve felt they are interested and concerned. We go through changes in our life, and we’ve all gone through tough things, and they’ll cut you some slack and have some sympathy when you’re not at 100%. They make the process easier for you by not putting pressure on you while you’re doing what you need to do. As long as you perform your job, if you’re someone who can’t be here at 7:00 and have to come in at 8:00, or if you have to work from home, that flexibility is there as long as you can get the work done. I know that if there’s something we think of that can make our job easier, Walt and Mike are willing to listen and to give us what we need.”

“This is a dream job for me, and I love coming to work every day. This is just a great place to work, because if you do your job you’re rewarded. It’s as simple as that.”

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