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debbie-accounting-associateAt Wright Architectural Millwork since 1986

“I’ve been here since I was twenty years old, and Mike and Walt are two really great guys, and you know they care about you. They both came to my wedding and they found a way for my son to work part time in the shop while he finished his sophomore year in college, which really helps a lot financially.”

“I work well with my supervisor, Sue, and she’ll just pitch right in and get things done. I remember when I was on vacation for a week, she must’ve been here late every night taking up the slack for me. There are so many people that have been here so long. Out of a company this size, you know that has to mean that they’re doing something right. You really get the sense that Walt and Mike are trying to share the profits with you. You don’t see them driving around in a Mercedes. . . they’re very down to earth and you get the feeling they’ve been where we are too.”

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