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billy-cabinetmakerAt Wright Architectural Millwork since 1989

“You’re doing something different every day, so it stays interesting, whether you’re working with a different process or a different material. It helps to have a little picture in your mind of how things are going to go, right from the start of the job. Everyone’s job is important from the beginning to the end, and everyone is in charge of their own quality control, which gets passed all the way down the line.”

“It’s an atmosphere where we look forward to coming to work because at the end of the day, you can actually see what you’ve accomplished, and take pride in it.”

“I started off as a panel man, working at a computer-aided saw to do all the cutting for different jobs, then moved to the CNC, and now I’m working on the floor as a cabinetmaker.”

“I’ve worked for other companies where you could tell they didn’t care about the people working for them. Here if you need a tool that we don’t have, just ask and you’ve got it, or if something is broken, it gets fixed. When we’re busy or there’s something difficult that needs to get done, the owners are right out on the floor working alongside the guys. They hold meetings every couple of weeks about safety, to show how the company is doing financially, so I always feel like I know what’s happening and what the company’s doing for us.”

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